Balding Men – The Buzz Cut is Your Best Friend

Losing hair is a significant issue for most men and is an indication of aging, and, in reality, that most people look healthier and more youthful when they have hair that is full. Apart from treatments that restore and keep hair in place that are all temporary, with the exception of hair transplants – the result is the same in the end: The problem will only become worse. I’m convinced that many balding guys are prone to a profound belief about themselves. When they look around and observe others who are balding, they think of what they would like to see: An hairless, unattractive man alone and without confidence which no woman would desire. They pay attention to these guys since that’s what they perceive of themselves. And they should not. I strongly believe of the buzz cut being a viable alternative to hair transplants and treatments best clippers for black men.

Men are generally terrified when they think about buzzing off their hair. In other words, if they’re losing their hair and don’t like it, why would they intend to increase the severity of their loss by slicing off all their hair in one move? What benefits could there be in doing this?

I can understand where the majority of people are coming from with their disinterest. If you’ve never walked around wearing a full-on buzzed look before, it’s a completely different appearance, and it will require some time to get used to. A majority of men have oddly designed heads, but it’s hard to have a problem with that as most people don’t care and ignore it, even women.

The reason I am a believer in using the buzz cut because If you’re extremely unhappy with the appearance of your locks and you are unable to bring them back by using treatments, you could be unable to maintain your confidence as things become worse. Or, you can grab the bull to the curb, snarl it off, accept the new version of yourself, and let the world know the real you.

It’s not easy to do this, but you can just take the plunge. Take a pair of hair clippers or a razor and take a final glance at your curly locks, then blow them away. You’ll appear more polished and more polished, but this is your new self. You’re a man who is now no longer keeping a grudge and hiding from shame and embarrassment to someone who can make a statement with all the good reasons. Why would you want be the one that women notice who has hair that is thin and then ask their friends “He’d look so much better if he just buzzed it off” instead of be the one with a sleek, neatly cut buzz that everyone is aware of as being brave? (It’s known that most guys whether they’re bald or not would not dare to cut their hair in a buzz, so it’s a matter of confidence to be able to do it So why not prove to the world that you are more courageous than the majority of men by this one act?)

It doesn’t matter if you’re attractive even. It’s about making the most of yourself. losing hair – particularly for a guy who is young is a sign that you’re insecure and ignoring yourself. Don’t become that person.

After you’ve gotten it buzzed you’ll feel confident I’m telling youthat the very first time you venture out put your head up to the sky and notice how many people do not even look at you and are completely uninterested about it. It’s the most liberating experience you’ll ever have in a long time and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t have it earlier. When you’re familiar with the way it feels it will be the last time you go back to the old ways of holding on to the things you’ve got left.

It’s the vanity that holds men behind. Let it go, and embrace the new you , and the world will follow suit.