Beach Blanket – Wanted More Than Just a Beach Towel

A beach blankets is greater than only a seashore towel thrown at the seashore together along with your footwear at the corners to maintain it down. It need to provide greater features: which include ease of use, smooth to hold, capacity to live in area beneathneath excessive wind conditions, smooth to clean, smooth to setup and breakdown, comfort, light-weight and sturdiness.

I can’t let you know what number of issues I even have run into looking to get a bit solar on the seashore. My seashore towel changed into now no longer lengthy enough, I couldn’t get snug due to the bumps beneathneath my returned or the seashore towel stored getting blown around. Basically, I simply desired to live out of the sizzling sand and now no longer have it throughout my body. I wanted a solution to those issues.

I commenced doing on-line searches for seashore blankets. There have been pretty some alternatives to pick out from; but none presented all the conveniences I sought in an smooth to hold model. I desired a bodacious seashore blanket- the Bentley of seashore blankets.

Why now no longer have one which contained inflatable pillows, water-resistant and sand evidence pockets, Velcro corners you may fill with sand to weigh it down and a gentle foam creation for extremely comfort. What approximately having a gentle towel lining (the element you lay on) that may be eliminated and washed? Of route this blanket could ought to be convenient to lie out and percent up-specifically on the quit of the day whilst you are worn-out and simply need to get returned in your air conditioned car.

Lastly, my dream blanket needed to be stylish. I desired to pick out my color. What approximately the capacity to have my university emblem placed on the cleanable seashore towel lining. I additionally did not need to sacrifice sturdiness and simplicity of cleansing for style. Take a go searching to peer your alternatives, however in case you need the plushest of Beach Blankets go to BEACH BLANKET.