Certain States see an increase In Prescription Drug and Alcohol Abuse

States such as Oklahoma as well as Texas are seeing an increase in the number of people who are using prescription drugs and alcohol. Officials from the State Representative are aware of the rise.

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics has revealed that there was an increase of 137 percent in the number of overdose deaths over the past decade. About 80 percent of those deaths are due to prescription use of drugs. Oklahoma is among the top in the country for non-medical prescription painkillers.

The use of alcohol has been in the ascendancy. The cost of drinking underage was for the residents of Oklahoma $0.8 billion in 2010. This includes medical expenses along with work-related losses and the pain and suffering that is associated with the many issues that result from the consumption of alcohol by teens.

Texas has seen an accelerated rise in the use of prescription drugs in young adults and teens. The mortality rates of accidental poisonings in Texans between the ages of 15 and 24 increased by more than a third between 1999 between 1999 and 2004. Young people, aged 12 and over who are addicted to prescription drugs are able to get their prescriptions for free from relatives or in medicine cabinets at the privacy of their homes.

State Rep. Richard Morrissette of Oklahoma has declared that the state is in need to invest in more rehabilitation centers for alcohol and drug addiction. There are around 150 rehab centers for alcohol and drugs centres in Oklahoma. This number is significantly greater in Texas and the state of Texas, however each state has a lesser proportion of government-funded rehab centers for addiction.

Each of Oklahoma as well as Texas have implemented state-wide prescription disposal programs to decrease the use of these medications to minors. Local communities are also getting involved through additional programs. In the city of Del City, Oklahoma police department has set up the drop-box for prescription drugs to anyone who needs to dispose of prescription medications.

Due to the increasing prevalence of addiction and the increasing number of deaths and deaths is likely to rise. State officials encourage those suffering from addiction or who knows someone who suffers from this illness, to seek assistance. The signs of abuse can include extreme mood swings, an increase or decreased sleepiness, a rise the amount of or reduction in sleeping, appearing extremely energetic, high or “revved up” or disturbed, as well as continuously “losing” prescriptions. Therefore, prescriptions are written.

The treatment for alcohol and drugs can be very beneficial. It is essential that those taking treatment for addiction follow the prescribed program strictly. Anyone who has completed a program for treatment with alcohol or drugs requires ongoing assistance to stay clean. When recovering addicts return to their normal routine, a myriad of dangers could threaten their recovery. Being supported by a solid support system can boost the likelihood of staying sober and free of alcohol and drugs.