Fireproof Home Safes – 3 Things to Know Before Buying a Fireproof Home Safe

What cash, jewellery and other valuables do you keep at home? Add up what it is all worth and you might be surprised. Is it really a good idea having this amount just tucked in ordinary draws and cupboards? A home safe is a very wise investment. Not only can you keep those valuables safe from burglars but, with the right safe you can also keep valuable legal documents, passports etc safe in case of a fire at your house.

When you think of a safe you might safes envisage a big grey metal cabinet in the corner of an office but there are a number of safes ideally suited to use in a home setting. These can range from a small safe that will sit on a shelf giving protection for £1000 to a larger safe with cash ratings up to £4000 and fire protection for up to 60 minutes.

A small safe is ideal for storing valuable items such as cameras and jewellery. It is even possible to get one specially fitted to take a laptop. You will need to calculate the value of the items that you are likely to place in the safe and make sure that the safe has a cash rating to cover that value. If you don’t and you insurance company requires you to store these items in a safe, then your policy could be invalidated.

A safe with a good fire rating is could also be very important. Imagine how devastating it could be to lose all your important legal documents in a fire. A fire safe can also be used to protect those irreplaceable photographs and backup of your vital computer data. The value of such things is impossible to calculate but storing them in a fire safe could be very sensible.

If you are doing some building work at home then a different approach that might be attractive to you. This is the installation of an under floor safe. An under floor safe is installed discretely and securely into a concrete floor. A typical under floor safe has a cash rating of £4000 although higher ratings are also available. An under floor safe cannot store bulky items or significant value of coins but it is ideal for strong cash, for instance, over the weekend, until a bank can be visited. The great thing about an under floor safe is that it is completely hidden when not being accessed. This means that it won’t clutter up your room and also means that a burglar is very unlikely even to find it let alone try to open it.

Everyone’s requirements for protecting their property are different. However, even if you think the valuables you have are quite modest, the thought of losing some of these things can be quite disturbing. If you invest in a suitable safe, it will help you sleep easier at night and you will know that if the worst happens and you are struck by a burglar or a fire your property will be safe.

Chubbsafes UK have a website that makes it very easy for you to choose just the right safe and to order it online. See our special page on Chubbsafes UK Home Safes [] that summarises the details of some of the safes recommended for domestic use. We have suitable models from ChubbSafes including their new Elements range and SecureLine who have a number of safes suitable for a home setting. Churchill have a number of under floor safes which are easy to install and a wall safe that can be fixed in a suitable wall.