floppy disk How-to destroy sensitive data on floppies?

Getting your finger caught between two magnets will cause a serious pinch. Also they are incredibly hard to get apart once they stuck together. You can also get a bunch of magnets and hope that scrambles enough of your data. After degaussing, you should consider using a product that effectively crushes the device.


As of publication, there is currently no NSA-Evaluated Products List listed shredders or disintegrators that meet the NSA standard for the 2 mm hard drive shred. Even if you can find the equipment that disintegrates a hard drive to 2 mm, hard drives are made of metal, glass, and ceramic. When shredded into particles the size of rice, those particles, if not handled properly, are poisonous to humans and our environment. Our team here at Ontrack are data recovery experts, providing a superior service to customers who need help with their data storage and access. Contact us today to get help decrypting critical files you need access to again.

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A deleted file recovery utility would be able to recover the deleted files. Running a free space wiping utility like the one in CCleaner would help with that and it would be secure against normal attempts to recover the data. Forensic recovery methods might be able to recover some of the data. It takes approx… one hour to format a hard drive and install any version of windows.

But issuing a Secure Erase command using that Ultimate Boot CD it does not give you a estimated time remaining but the drives I used it on take roughly 1-1.5hrs to finish and then it alerts you it’s finished. On regular hard drives… Secure Erase will always be faster than using DBAN given DBAN, like this article says, makes more than one pass, which like the article also says, many consider to be a little overkill. Although… DBAN is a safe option for securely erasing a hard drive is your not that concerned with time to erase it. Consequentally, while degaussing is the only guaranteed method to remove data from a piece of technology, companies usually go one step further and pair their data erasure methods with crushing. Therefore, most people believe that if the platter can’t spin, then the hard drive can’t be read—but data can actually still be recovered from the device. Our selection of NSA listed data destroyers are equipped for every situation.

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The most effective way to eliminate data on a hard drive is degaussing, you may ask, “What is Degaussing a Hard Drive? It’s important to properly recycle computers and other e-waste. Electronics contain harmful substances such as arsenic and lead that will leak into the ground and water if not recycled.

Electrical pulses move through a coil in the head of the hard drive to magnetize part of the metal and position the coating to store information in binary. Always attentive to technology’s latest advancements, Aurelija Einorytė develops content to improve the safety of readers’ internet experience. She believes everyone has the right to know the ins and outs of cybersecurity and seeks to explain them in an accessible, understandable way. That’s pretty much what the ‘Ultimate Boot CD’ does except the Ultimate Boot CD is easier. But I just thought I would mention the manual way from the prompt in case someone can’t use that Ultimate Boot CD for whatever reason and needs something a bit more recent to issue the ‘secure erase’.

Read more about Nsa approved degausser here.

That’s the reason why Strong Cryptology is Banned in certain countries. Now you know how to erase everything without destroying the hard drive. Maybe computer repair shops can have a erasing service and make some $$$. You would then have to create and format a new partition. It would take special hardware to retrieve any data after that. Takes about 2-1/2 minutes per GB on an average HD/machine.