How to decorate your home for the holidays

If you leave the wall empty, you will have the impression that your room space is restricted. There are many small house decoration ways to decorate the walls to make it feel like there is more space. Verticalizing your space is a popular answer if you are wondering how to decorate a small home. It simply uses walls and ceilings to store small house decor items and free up space on the floor. You should remove all the small house decor items on the floor by using shelves and cabinets to store them. Or, you can choose clever furniture for small spaces in your small living room.

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Keep your holiday sideboard holiday-ready with a festive flower arrangement and a bowl of shiny red apples, like this space from Courtney St. John Studio. Hang a wreath on a random sliver of wall in a hallway or other pass-through space to create a holiday moment with an element of surprise, like this space from M Starr Design. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make an impact with seasonal decor. Most Lovely Things used paper lunch bags to make large-scale snowflakes that fill up the upper half of the windows in this dining room, an easy DIY that anyone can pull off. Line your windowsills with candles to create a warm glow inside that can be glimpsed from outdoors. Lobster and Swan mixed brass and bronze candlesticks and scallop shells for a vintage feel.

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Tie them up in satin ribbons to decorate your kitchen table or tree. Turn leftover wallpaper into a decorative chain for the tree or to layer over a garland on the mantel. Inspired By Charm used spare wallpaper from a guest room renovation and backed it with colored kraft paper to create a playful nature-inspired garland.

Consider the practicality of your decorations

If it is possible, I always usevelcro command stripsfor wall decor. They are your best friend because you don’t have to commit to nailing a big hole in the wall if you’re not too sure that you will like the piece right there. In fact, when I’m planning mywall decor, I usually lay everything that I plan on hanging on the walls out on the floor first to play around with different combinations. You may need to move slowly and leave some empty rooms as you figure things out.

Step back from time to time to see if the tree might be missing something. In this case, I realized that everything looked a bit heavy and I needed something airy and delicate. I took the silver stretch net ribbon and paired it with the ice glitter twig picks. For the topper, I wanted to show off the velvet plum blossoms in a dense way bringing out the red in the rest of the tree. Since I used the wire net in the tree, I added it to the top as a collar with loops of red velvet ribbon.

Although Pinterest can be a very powerful tool for entire home decor, in order to learn how to decorate like a pro you need toPUT. Essentially, the goal for your room’s Pinterest board is to start developing the overall look and feel of your room. It’s always better to start with a small success instead, so you walk in feeling encouraged rather than lost all over again. Another good idea is to avoid starting with a room that is giving you the biggest headache or needs the most amount of work. You will probably find thatyouare your own biggest roadblock on your journey to decorate your home (I know I was…and still am). The Spruce is part of the Dotdash Meredith publishing family. Complement a boho-style interior with a macrame stocking like this DIY project from A Beautiful Mess.

Craftberry Bush added bright red textiles and white decor accents that complement a tree decorated with red plaid ornaments for a modern traditional mix. Create drama in a simple white farmhouse entry with a generous display of garlands. If you’ve embraced the tradition and had holiday family photos taken each year, consider putting together a tabletop display or a gallery wall of those framed photos for the holiday season. To maximize a small home, you should replace cabinets with wall shelves because the shelves don’t take up much horizontal space. The wall shelves have a simple construction and are lightweight, so they are easy to hang on the walls and store personal items. But I did use the red, green and white color scheme with deco mesh ribbon and lots of twirly picks that remind me of a Whoville Christmas tree.

I’m an overachiever, I know.The latest grouping of plants were purchased less than a week ago with a little bit of money that my husbands grandparents sent for my recent birthday. Are you looking for a creative way to personalize your wine glasses? In this easy epoxy resin tutorial, I will show you how to make geode resin wine glasses. If you are planning to entertain outdoors this holiday season, dress up the porch or patio to make it feel extra festive. Mel Bean Interiors hung garlands around the door frames, scattered disco balls at the base of the fountain, and added a pillar candle encircled by a faux pine wreath to make the seating are more inviting. Craftberry Bush gave this living room a wintry Christmas feel by pairing white and gold decorations and ornaments mixed with fresh greens from the coffee table to the mantel.

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