How to get Boys To Love Books

Are your kids spending hours in front the TV? Do you wish that they would spend more time in front of the TV? Since when they were babies, I read to them. I’m not creative, and I don’t have my own stories to tell so I turn to books. These are my ideas to create a book loving atmosphere love book.

First and foremost, switch off the TV. If the child has to choose between TV and books they will probably choose to passively spend more time reading. The child will read to enjoy reading, not for school.

A friend recently asked me how I was able get my boys to love books. Her boys seemed to be allergic and it was killing her. She loves to read, and she wanted her kids to love the same.

So why do my boys love books? Do your boys rather read a book or sit in a mindless blur? Are you able to engage in conversation with your child while they are staring at their TV? It just doesn’t happen. Now, we have agreed that my son will not get any computer/TV screen time until all school work is done. My son can then choose whether he wants to watch TV or play videogames. Find what works well for you and the family. But what about when you like to watch TV? I don’t. I have shows that are interesting to me, but I only watch online once my kids are asleep.

Reading aloud is a great way to teach your child to read. This will allow you to discuss the books you’re reading. You can read before you go to bed. My boys are always asking for books, and I don’t mind if they do. Make it a regular thing and you will see results.

Let them know how much you enjoy reading.

Find out what they’re interested in. For example, one of my boys really enjoys ocean animals so we have non-fiction books full of photos. He is also very interested in history and weapons. So he has been reading about the American Indians.

Make books more fun. Give them books as rewards for achievements. My boys have so many toys that other relatives give them, so we end up getting them books and educational products for Christmas and birthdays. This is something they really enjoy.

What do I do if my TV is off? Nothing. It would surprise you to see the creativity of boys when they need to have fun. They build forts using their play dough, create weapons, and also use LEGOs to construct their own buildings. Encourage them to explore their passions so that they can use books to get more information.