how to screen umbrella How to screen clearly

Screen work, many people tend to meet a lot, right? Whether it is screened umbrellas, screened shirts, bags, and many others, I believe that many people will come across various screening works. Sometimes I come across some quality screen work. and no quality Finding good quality screen work and affordable prices. Which is hard to find, right? There are very few of them. Until I find a good screen job.

Silk Screen is a screen job that has been well received as well. The work that comes out is sharp. and it is difficult to deteriorate Importantly, this type of screen work is economical. which will be liked by many Are you people already? So let’s see what kind of screen work will be. how to screen umbrella How to screen clearly, let’s see.

1. What is silkscreen?

Silkscreen is a system that is printed. by using a printing technique that has many steps But it’s not a very difficult step. Just use the blocks that are stretched with the fabric. Then use a wooden spatula to pass through the holes in the fabric. to land on objects that have been prepared It is a work that requires delicacy and carefulness in every step, from the block making to the screening process. For the color of the screen work, use oil paint.

It is the screen work that is the most popular for ของชำร่วยงานศพ. It’s because it’s easy, fast and economical. This will slit the paint that is stretched on the frame by closing and opening the holes according to the pattern we want. The disadvantage of this method is the subtlety of the work Screening in many colors can be different colors. with a screen by hand

2. Type of screen work

Each type of screen work is different. whether the work that comes out Quality of screen work, price, speed, etc. It can be seen that each type of screen work has different advantages and disadvantages. So let’s get to know each type of screen work and what it is like.

There are 3 types of screen work, which are 1. Silkscreen 2. Spray painting 3. Hot-rolling is as follows:

1. Silkscreen

It must be said that it is the most popular screen work with ease. Fast and also economical If you look at the work that has been released, ask if it’s good or not. The answer is that the work that comes out is good, and not allergic to other types of screens. But if the work must be screened in a variety of colors It will be a difficult job. This may cause the screen work to mess up with other colors as well.

Because it is a type of screen work that paints through the screen cloth that is attached to the frame. by closing and opening the hole according to the desired pattern If the job requires only one color This type of screen work will answer a lot.

2. Spray paint (Inkjet)

is a screen that can spray paint out to the desired shape. If the screen works with a variety of colors This type of screen work will respond well. The result turned out to be beautiful. and the chance of distortion is quite low But this type of screen work will deteriorate quickly. And it was also expensive.

3. Hot-rolled (Transfer)

will use the method of printing instead. By using the whole sheet of paper, print the work out with an inkjet or laser printer and then bring it to be ironed by heat through the work to be screened. Let the work come out on its own. When talking about the work that came out Not allergic to other types of screen work at all. But this type of screen work is very expensive. and also limit the area of ​​work that requires screen work as well

3. Composition of silk screen printing,

there are 4 things: film, compression glue, and rubber squeegee. and block fabric It can be divided as follows:

1. The film will be the part used to create 5 types of molds.

• Water film: a film for cutting and making molds for water-based ink molds

• Green film: a film for cutting for oil-based ink molds

• Purple film: a film for cutting molds with a detailed pattern

• Red film: a film for cutting molds that is detailed.

• Capillex film: It is a film for general mold making.

2. 3 types of gluing

• Purple pressing: resistant to high humidity. Suitable for water-based ink types Solvent, oil, oil, UV, water

• Blue pressed glue: suitable for use with water-based inks. and sol plastics

• Light blue compress glue: suitable for the type of work requiring very high clarity. Resistant to high humidity

3. There are 2 types of screen squeegee

• U Shape Squeegee: front squeegee width 25-27 mm., thickness 5-6 mm. and squeegee width 50 m. m. thickness 6-10 mm.

• V Shape Squeegee: There is a rubber squeegee width of 25-27 MM. and a thickness of 5-6 mm.

4.Umbrella screening metho. With most of the silkscreen work

, usually using a silkscreen screen. This is because the process is quick and easy, and the screen comes out clearly. And it’s popular with many umbrella factories that use it. including our factory Whether it’s a logo screen job, shop name, etc., it’s done well. Good quality work

Silkscreen umbrella screen printing process

1. Cover the frame with adhesive tape on all four sides. To prevent the paint from smearing on the wooden frame, use a hinge block to attach the screen block to the table.

2. Pour the paint onto the screen block.

3. Use a rubber squeegee to press moderate weight. Paint off all patterned parts. by squeezing the weight firmly paint again

5.Advantages and Disadvantages of silkscreen umbrellas


• The cost of making blocks is not high, using a low cost.

• Can screen on the umbrella at all. According to the needs of customers

• Screen fast, finish quickly, and quality

• Screen work is durable, not easy to fall off


• Can’t screen gradation

• If there is a variety of colors, it will be a difficult job. It will take time. long (because there may be errors on the screen)