How to Shave Your Legs Like a Pro in 2020?

If you’ve been shaving your legs for many years, or are just starting your own hair removal, knowing how to shave your legs like a pro will come in very handy. After all, even if you’ve been shaving for over 10 years, chances are you’ve taken the wrong path evidence? Scratches and razor edges may be seen, or the desired smoothness is not achieved at all.

Fortunately, two dermatologists represent the two biggest names in the world to help you. Get all the info on how to shave the smoothest legs ever.

How to shave your legs in easy steps:

Always use a sharp razor. Although it’s easier to use the same razor more often, it can cause cuts and burns. “The dullness of the razor increases the risk of itching and burning,” says board-certified dermatologist Lindsey Zubritsky, MD, on behalf of Venus. With that in mind, buy a reusable razor with interchangeable blades or choose a disposable razor that needs to be replaced after a few razors.

Do not shave dry skin. Some people will tell you that it is not safe to shave on dry skin if you are using shaving creams. But Dr. Zubritsky said otherwise. “Always shave when your skin is wet,” he says. “Letting the skin dry is the secret to disaster!”

Use shaving gel or cream. In addition to shaving your legs when they’re wet, to prevent this damage, always use shaving products, Dr. Park says. “This provides the lubricant [ razor glides over the skin] and prevents blemishes and ingrown hairs.

Follow the moisturizer. After shaving, Dr. Zubritsky says always use moisturizer while your skin is still damp. “Shaving can cause exfoliation, which can dry out your skin,” he says. “So it’s important to moisturize immediately after shaving to keep your skin soft and hydrated.” Any moisturizer can help, but shea butter moisturizers are a specialty food.

Now that you know how to shave your legs like a pro, you want to follow a routine to keep your legs smooth, but don’t if you have very sensitive skin. Dr. “Regular shaving can cause itchy skin, so shaving for a day or two in between can help prevent an itchy scalp. However, if razor burns, itching or rashes occur, we recommend waiting for them to recover before resuming your regular shave. 


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