Learn How to Face Paint a Funny Clown

Face painting is an activity that is liked by children as well as adults of all ages. Different designs are painted on the faces according to the theme of the party or the person’s choice. Boys and girls have different preferences for face painting designs.

Face painting is not a very difficult task, and face painting everyone can start painting faces by following some guidelines. There are different designs that are painted on the faces according to the preference of the person who wants his/her face painted. Painting a funny clown is an idea that is very popular at different parties.

People can disguise themselves as a clown to provide entertainment at parties. Some people make money by dressing up and painting their face like a clown and entertain others at parties. To know more about the art of face painting, there are many websites that provide unique ideas, different designs, as well as useful suggestions that can help the beginners to paint the faces easily. If the painting material is available, people can start face painting by following the instructions given on different websites.

Some common designs that are liked by children as well as adults include the animals, flowers, geometrical shapes, hearts, balloons, Spiderman, witches, vampires, fairies and clowns. Kids usually love the clown face painting design.

For painting a funny clown, the basic necessary item is paint that can be either basic face paint or grease paint. Water based theatrical make up can also be used because it is easily washable and looks nice as well. A shower cap and face powder is also required for painting a funny clown face. At the end of the party, the paint can be removed with baby oil or cleansing creams.

First of all the face is painted white with the help of a sponge so that the paint is evenly applied all over the face. Then the cheeks are painted pink because clowns have pink cheeks. To find the cheeks the child or person whose face is to be painted, the candidate is asked to smile so that the cheeks could be painted in pink color. The cheeks should look rosy not a deep pink.

Next the eyelids are painted. One eyelid is painted in blue and the other with green. Both eyes are outlined with dark blue and dark green colors. After this to make the clown face fancier, teardrops are added that look very beautiful and seem like the raindrops coming from the clouds.

The nose of the clown is painted with red. The lower lip is also painted in red color because it makes the expression of the clown’s face clear from a distance. The eye brows are painted black. The outline of the corner of mouth is also painted black. Finally the face is highlighted with white and black colors.