Ormus: How to get and apply it

Kevin: Kevin. How do you obtain ormus and how do I apply it to my life?

Barry: It’s actually really, really easy. If you have access sea water, Celtic sea salt, Dead Sea salt, and raw salt, then it is possible to make sea salt. Celtic salt will have a grayish color and be slightly damp. You mix this kind of salt with water. Or you can just place your sea water into a container. If it’s going to be consumed, you should boil it. For plants, you can just add sodium hydrogenide. This is the exact same thing as lye. Increase the pH of the water to 10.78. This precipitate will start to fall out and then you’ll see a clear liquid at the bottom. Because the precipitate is just salt, you should wash it multiple times before consuming it. It is not very healthy. Although it is simple to do, it can prove dangerous to use lye  ormus.

Kevin: Sure.

Barry: Your grandmother probably made soap by using lye. It was a common activity back in those days. Lye soap is still produced. It’s possible to buy lye soap made by soap makers just as easily.

Kevin: Kevin, What’s happening during the extraction process?

Barry: It is because the pH changes cause some parts of the stuff not to dissolve in water. It precipitates out, and this insolubleness, or precipitation, allows you to see it, and then separate it. There are several other methods to separate it. One way is to just take some grape seed ole –raw, unrefined grape seeds oil – along with some Celtic sea Salt (gray Celtic sea sea salt) and blend it together about half-and-half with grape oil and sea sea salt. You can let it rest for a while before shaking it. The grape seed oils seem to contain the ormus. The oil portion appears to go into wine seed oil. And it’s great. It’s been used for skin care, and even for food for quite a while.

Kevin: Okay. So it also has an oil characteristic.

Barry: Yeah. It seems that the water molecules are where the ormus hides. We don’t really know what it is. It doesn’t create a chemical link with those water molecules. It just hangs out within the molecules and acts a resonator in order to change the shapes of those water molecular structures. We believe it does this with oil, water, and with various chemical compound. It will hang out within a molecular structures and change its characteristics. What we think we are seeing is the oil, or the white powder. The structure surrounding it is more important than the ormus. We can see the chemical “box,” which is what it’s actually in. Imagine you have an extremely slippery bowlingball with no finger holes and you want it to be picked up. How do you do it? Wow, it’s grease. You cannot pick the grease up. It’s best to put it in a bag and then take the bag out. That’s the way I see it. The ormus is hanging out in a container we are manipulating. Concentrating the ormus in this way, precipitating it, and then placing it on plants and giving it to animals will reap the benefits.

One interesting thing is that you can imagine the ormus element within the molecule changing the shape. It works in the same way as sand vibrating onto a plate. The frequency of vibration changes and the pattern changes in sand. What have you seen?

Kevin: Yes.

Barry: Because of this changing pattern, we believe that the omus element might be in every watermolecule, or many water molecules. By changing the frequency of the vibration, the ormus element then puts a new frequency out around them, and that changes their shape. Different shaped water molecules function in different ways in our bodies.

Scientists believe that quantum coherence can exist in biological systems, including humans, plants, and even animals. Quantum cooperation means that there is an instantaneous communication system. One of Australia’s most prominent ormus researchers was once a rocket scientist. He was the one who designed the feedback system to ensure that the rockets would not be knocked over by a wind gust. They had to quickly respond by moving their rockets in order to take into account changes in atmospheric conditions. It was his job to determine how fast that response would be. He was able to calculate how fast our response needed to be to play tabletennis. Table tennis is a fast sport and his calculations showed that nerve impulses weren’t fast enough to allow him to play table tennis. You can see that there must be a faster communication system in the bodies than nerve impulse. And other scientists have basically agreed with you. Some scientists claim that the DNA is not the pattern for the human body. All it is is an antenna which connects us with the pattern. Russia’s Dr. Peter Gariaev, has experimentally shown that this may be true. The DNA is just a link to the body’s non-physical spirit. It’s possible that this ormus is part of the communication – cellular communications – that allows instantaneous communication between all cells. This accounts for the many amazing results we’ve witnessed with animals, plants, and humans in terms both of their growth and overall health. It’s improving the connection between everything.