Satisfied With Jesus

If we were shrewd, we’d be in line with the Father’s views on Jesus Christ, the Lord Jesus. That way, we’d be content with Christ and place ourselves at the center of the plans of God in the matter of the salvation of mankind (John 20:31). The Word affirms that those who trust in Christ do God’s work (John 6:29). The first thing the first thing that the Father wants us to do is to be in agreement with Him concerning Jesus Christ. There is nothing more that is needed however, nothing less than that is acceptable! The Father is not going to accept our requests on any other ground other than the sufficientness that His son is Covenant with Jesus.

“But”, says someone,” I must be a righteous person within myself before God will accept me!” Actually, no! Our acceptance isn’t based on our merit and merit, but rather on Christ’s worthiness concern for the gospel, “His Son” (Rom 1:1-3). The gospel is not about us, but about how holy our inner selves can be. In fact, our supposed inner sanctity is like walking in the wilderness for a dog that has wandered off, it’s risky and leads nowhere. But, being content with Christ Jesus will bring glory, since Christ is the only way to glory (Col 3:11).

The Father has stated about the Lord Jesus, “This is my beloved Son who is with me and for whom I am greatly pleased”(Matt 3:7). Pay attention to the superlatives. Christ is not just the Son, but He has been deemed the Son of God. The Father isn’t just happy, but He is satisfied with Him. If we are content with our beloved Son and are in perfect agreement with our Father.

Are you content that Christ has fulfilled the Law completely for you? We cause ourselves problems by ignoring the necessity of a fully-fledged law and think of the gospel as a type of a relaxed, modified legal agreement with God. This type of thinking suggests that “Keeping the Law is irrelevant when it comes to salvation.” God is, according to this type of thinking, was far too rigid during Old Testament times for He was a perfectionist, but with The New Covenant He’s a more loose kind of God. One young woman naively said, ” God in the Old Testament was God before He got saved.”

In this new , relaxed understanding of the world, Christ lowered God’s demands due to the fact that the commands were not enough. Today, we are able to use phrases that are more appropriate to our weaknesses. However, this is just absurd! Take a look at it this way: If the law of the past was too strict , it was in the words of Bonar declares, “neither holy nor good.” Are we too strict to require that we be in love with God in everything we own? Is God such lowered His standards that His most fundamental demands are no longer relevant? God forbid! Faith is, however, not able to make the law unenforceable, it creates it (Rom 3:31). God is still demanding the highest level of law-keeping and our faith rests on Christ, the One who has faithfully observed all the provisions of the Law for us. We are not only saved through Christ’s sacrifice, but also through Christ’s flawless law-keeping. He’s the only one who abided by the Law’s rules and also took on the law’s penalty. Christ’s flawless doing and death is now in our hands, accepted as ours, and accepted from us through faith only. It’s awe-inspiring!

God has never lowered His standards. It is only through the application of a law that is perfect that we can be saved, otherwise, it would be an unholy and unjust salvation. This is why Christ only is the sole salvation because He has kept this law in our place. He has He has praised the law and made it a worthy one (Isa 42:21) And we are blessed with an unholy and righteous redemption. Legally speaking, Christ has suffered and died for us Therefore, whenever God saves us, he does so not only out of mercy and love, but also in the interest of justice.