Sealcoating your Parking Lot Benefits Your Business

Sealcoating asphalt commercial parking lots will increase their life span by YEARS. This in turn can save you money up to $1000, even for small spaces.

Doing it yourself is more expensive than a driveway. If you are a typical business owner, or property manager you have a to-do list that is miles long.

Because your customers often see your parking lot first, don’t allow it to look dingy. Our professionals know that Sealcoating professional can prolong the life of your lot.

We all know the New England winters are hard on pavement. A regular maintenance program can extend the life of your asphalt and prevent larger repairs. Additionally, it will give your parking lot a clean, smooth jet-black finish that will complement your business …… Sealcoating early can prevent costly asphalt repairs such as potholes and overlays.

Parking lots are often out in the sun, even when it is not sunny. Properly sealed coating prevents oxidation. It also resists the damaging ultraviolet rays. The asphalt binder or tar will eventually harden, and this can lead to a hardened surface that eventually cracks. A crack in the pavement allows water to seep through, often into the sub-base, weakening them. Cracks expand exponentially when the temperature drops below freezing. The cracks will quickly become a problem if you drag a plow on top of them. Sealcoating covers the asphalt surface and fills any voids. It reduces pavement’s permeability to water and oxygen. It also prolongs pavement life.

Petroleum oil and other gas can leak from vehicles, causing damage to the pavement. This is why sealcoating helps to repel the oil and gas and keeps it from reaching the pavement. JDK uses only professional-grade coal tar to seal it. These additives make it resistant to any potential leaks. The sealcoat is dark and hides any oil stains.

Sealcoating your garage will ensure it lasts longer and look better. This allows your customers to feel confident that you’re a viable, professional business. It’s a good thing that everyone helps in this current economic climate