Steps to Repair an Air Track Mat

If you have ever seen a need of repairing your air track, or ever searched “how to do patching on an inflatable seam” or “how to repair my air track”, this is the post for you. We have gathered few steps in order to repair your air track hole or any other damage.

Locate the Hole

The first step is to find the whole in your air track. You can marker it with the help of a marker before repairing it. Make sure all the holes are located correctly.

Clean and Dry the Area

Before puncturing and repairing the hole or damage, you must make sure that the air track exact area is cleaned properly. It is because the dirty or humid area is difficult to patch.

Choose Repair Type

You can choose your required repair type like ATF repair kit, Tear Aid Type B Vinyl repair, and Gear Aid Adhesives. These type of repairing can be used for repairing holes and other damages.

Customize and Correctly Size the Patch Kit

After considering and doing the above mentioned steps, it’s time to customize and correctly placed the patch over the hole. It can be any adhesive or any other material.

Apply Glue and Let it Dry

Now apply Glue on the damaged area and let it be dry for some time. After drying you should apply pressure in your air track to check for any other hole. Kameymall brand offers more durable air tracks.