Strategies for Using Table Tents to promote restaurants and Retail Stores

In a crowded business environment such as a restaurant getting the correct information in front of customers is crucial to increase the amount of money your restaurant earns from every order.

If you’re selling desserts or beverages, as well as other exclusive food items, or marketing the most popular dishes on your menu table tents which hold display tables provide a variety of marketing benefits for your Bedouin tent restaurant.

Table tents are also helpful in retail sales especially when placed over store counters or tables, where customers can interact with sales staff of the store.

Read this article to learn five methods of using tables to advertise your retail store , or the advertising materials of your restaurant, and to get more attention from clients to special promotions menu items, special offers and other additional items.

Highlight the most loved items on your menu

Each restaurant has a couple of most popular dishes that are well-loved among customers. Table tents are right in front of the diners, therefore, as customers are thinking about what to order they are effective ways to promote the most sought-after dishes that are on your menu.

Create a list of three to 4 of your favorite dishes put it in front of guests by using the table tent. In order to help them decide what they should order focus their attention on the food items that are most popular that are on your menu.

Write down the most memorable dish of the day and week.

One of the most significant benefits of table tents is they make it simple to set up and take away all marketing material. This is why they are ideal to display the weekly and daily menus for your restaurant.

Each week, refresh your tables with an offer or offer something different every morning. A great way to draw new customers is to provide daily specials. A table tent on each table makes it much easier to grab the focus of your clients.

Include desserts and beverages in your strategies for upselling

Offering a variety of drinks and desserts is a method of bringing in more patrons. Upsells typically generate a significant portion of restaurants’ revenue. Therefore, it is crucial to inform your customers about your snacks, desserts and drinks.

Create a menu that highlights your most popular desserts, appetizers, drinks and additional items for every table. In this way, guests become more aware of your menu and also increase the average amount they spend at your restaurant.

Provide different financing options at your counter for sales

Table tents aren’t just beneficial in restaurants and bars as well as for retail stores. If you’re selling expensive equipment, furniture or other items that are typically bought with the help of financing, they could be extremely beneficial.

Table tents are able to close more deals by creating a finance brochure that you could show on the counters of sales. When a potential client talks to your sales staff they’ll be aware of the financing options available.