The 5990 stainless steel with the blue dial

Let’s get right to it and begin with the new 5712 all Rose model. Although the 5712 has been available in rose gold for a while, it has only been with a leather strap.

The 5712 all Rose model

The previous 5712 on a leather strap had a dial that was more of that darker color. However, this is something that we’re surprised took that long to happen. We wonder why it took this long for them to release the 5712 Steel with the blue dial on all roads given how successful that watch was in the first place. However, 5712 Steel with the blue dial with that being said, we’re also kind of glad that they did give the current watch market situation where thin margins are the norm.

5712 Rose

We really like the watch and we like the idea, so we’re glad they didn’t make some just completely ridiculous changes. We feel that the 5712 was a model as far as the dial combinations and all the different styles, but sometimes something simple like that kind of just makes you feel good inside.

That they could have milked a little bit more, and now that it’s in rose gold with that rose dial—it looks kind of rosy rather than too chocolatey—we think that was a great touch by them. The real question, though—and the one we still don’t know the answer to—is how much it will cost.

5990 Blue Dial

Next up is the 5990 stainless steel with the blue dial, which was somewhat anticipated given that we no longer have a 5980 in steel and that we have a 5990 rose blue dial. The only aspect of that dial that I’m not entirely crazy about is that it’s blue but other than that, it looks great against the black case. I don’t know, you know, it’s kind of challenging because when these watches were first released, you kind of had to hold the watch to really appreciate it and see its true colors.

When we first saw it, we wondered if they had rereleased the 5990, but when we read that it had a blue dial, we had to really strain our eyes to see any blue because we couldn’t really make out a lot of other details. One aspect of the new 5990 that we don’t particularly like

For instance, with the new clasp, Protect updated their class throughout the board and added a deploying clasp, which is, we suppose, good on the one hand, but we personally prefer the traditional fold-over with the snap clasp on top.

5811 White Gold

They released the brand-new 5811. Okay, so that is the new version of the 5711, hence the eight instead of the seven. The only differences are that it is 41 millimeters and it is made of white gold. We’re not sure what the plan is for this watch and if it will be the new lineup for that model. It has a traditional appearance with a blue dial and white metal material, which is obviously a winning combination. However, we guess the real question is what the real purpose of this watch is.

The curiosity about how it will appear on the wrist with that more significant case is unquenchable.

The only thing that occurs is that occasionally when watches are too thin, a millimeter or two will help the case feel a little bit larger. For example, the 5167 versus the 5168 even though They are completely different in size because the 5168 is significantly larger than the 5167 even though there is a significantly greater difference in size because those watches have such a thin profile that the 5168 fits really well on hand.

The Latest 5373p


Next is the 5373p, another one of our favorites. Holy look at that Porsche! This is a grand comp mono Pusher split seconds, and yes, the crown is on the other side. It’s crazy when they release the Lefty Sprite because it kind of blows your mind.

That’s what we’re referring to when we say that you come out with a left-handed Sprite and it completely blows everyone’s minds. It’s like a straight race car on the street damn it, oh my God. That watch is actually a mono Pusher Split Second.

The 5204 G in green

The 5204 G in green is the next watch, and while it is nice, no one can look at it and not like it, it is also somewhat predictable given that they have simply added a green color. This watch has a perpetual calendar and a split-second mono Pusher Chrono dial, both of which are amazing. It has a button where the typical winding Crown would be.

The final watch is going to be the 7968 Aquanaut, or perhaps Patek has a rainbow. You know this is when you realize how certain watch trends catch on and even Brands like Patek want to capitalize on it.

7968 Aquanaut Rainbow

It almost seems like every brand Under the Sun has a rainbow watch right now, and honestly, we probably wouldn’t have thought that Patek would do something like this, but here they did. This watch is going to be primarily maybe for men. The bezel has two rows, one of which is decorated with white diamonds and the other with rainbow gemstones.