These are the qualities to look for when looking for a listing agent

Imagine that you need complex surgery. Your insurance plan will allow you to choose the doctor you prefer from all over your city. It’s not only this, but you’ll be paying the same amount no matter who you choose.

What will it be like to pick the new-from-residency, part-time surgeon or the surgeon that has been operating on people for decades with a track record in exactly the type and operation you need?

Although it’s not a decision of life or death, the sale and purchase of your home can have significant financial consequences. This is why you should take the time necessary to search for the right realty agent to help achieve your financial goals. Here are three characteristics to look out for in a listing representative who can help you sell or buy your home burleson listing agents.

  1. Ten years of silence

John Hayes of Carnegie Mellon University narrowed down 500 Symphonies from the period 1685-1899 after studying thousands.

These 500 pieces were composed by only 76 authors. And all but three of them were written after the composer had been in business for at most ten years. Yes, Mozart was included. Hayes referred this decade’s hard work and education to as the “10 year of silence,” and found that it could be applied equally to famous poets or artists.

Another study shows that in order to become an expert on any subject, you need to have worked in the field for at least 10,000 hours (K. Anders Ericsson or Malcolm Gladwell).

But it’s more than just showing up 10 years later or working 10,000 hours – that sounds like a warranty, right? It takes deliberate practice to become an expert in any field of life.

Kobe Bryant makes it look easy to step onto the basketball court. He did not work part-time to achieve his multiple world records. Bryant spent at least six hours a days, six days each week, and six months of deliberate practice in the off-season. Bryant was a tireless worker to not only keep his skills sharp but to also improve them.

Listing agents in real estate don’t have to work only weekends. They need to be skilled negotiators and marketers. The best agents are able to quickly and efficiently sell your home. They take the time necessary to learn about the current housing market, the local economy, and how it impacts their clients. They’ve learned a variety of negotiating methods over the years, and perfected this aspect. Instead of relying on M.L.S. Photos used in the comparisons.

While the best agents aren’t always experienced and don’t work full-time, they do have the ability to be highly effective. On average, rookie listing agent have their broker working with them for their first few transactions. You’re getting the benefit of their experience. You should not rely on an agent who has little experience if your transaction is difficult, such a selling a luxury residence, performing short sales, listing ranch or farm land, etc.

  1. They are happy to answer all your questions

Listing Agent

How can the listing agent answer your questions? Even homeowners who are familiar with the selling process may have questions. These questions can be answered in plain English by a professional agent. They will also help you to understand the whole process.

  1. The agent has a game plan that works.

There are many tasks that a listing agent must complete, from the moment the ink dries on their listing agreement to the final walk through just before closing. Marketing is one of the most important tasks in a slow marketplace. Make sure that the agent you are hiring has a documented marketing plan and the financial resources to execute it.

Ask for M.L.S. Get the agent to print out the last three listings. Check the photos. Look at the remarks that each agent has made about each listing. Do they grab you?

Interviewed agents may try different methods to get you to sell your home to them. They might attempt to increase the home’s market value (also called “buying” the listing) or claim to be an expert on your neighborhood. It is important to look beyond the rhetoric when it comes selling your home. You should find the agent that you feel most comfortable with and who can best market your property.