What Is Web Hosting? Web Hosting Explained for Beginners

Web hosting makes your website accessible to the world so anyone can browse your website online. It’s where you store and publish ALL your website files, such as blog posts. The main goal of this site is to provide high quality WordPress tutorials and other training resources to help people learn WordPress and improve their websites. There are a few companies offering free web hosting, but we recommend that you be very careful about those. There are so many hosting companies out there, that it becomes difficult for beginners to make the right choice. This allows you to focus on building your website and growing your business instead of managing server software. Having helped thousands of beginners start their own websites, we have heard every possible question.

Why is web hosting important?

A smaller website requires fewer resources, such as disk space and bandwidth. On the other hand, a larger and more popular website will need more resources to run efficiently. Some are smaller and have low traffic, while others are larger with more content and visitors.

When you purchase a hosting plan, you are renting space on a physical server to store all the website’s files and data. It has the most exciting benefits and features such as a dedicated server delivering peak performance, ensuring lightning-fast load times, and smooth user experiences. With dedicated hosting, clients have the flexibility to customize their server settings, install specialized software, and tweak configurations to fit their specific needs. A reseller first purchases a bulk amount of server resources from a primary hosting provider. This often includes a significant amount of disk space, bandwidth, databases, and other essential hosting features. Resellers control their panel, by using their nameservers, and appear as an independent hosting provider to their end clients. The Resellers can create custom packages for their clients as per the requirements.

Dedicated hosting services also usually offer higher levels of security and performance than other types of hosting services. For other shared hosting plans, see our comparison of the best hosting companies. The best web hosting services for small businesses depend on your unique needs. The idea of hosting your own website may initially feel daunting–especially if you’re not particularly experienced in the area of web development. However, web hosting providers have come a long way and now do a good job of helping users easily host their own websites. Colocation provides a business its own dedicated server to support its website and stores it in a data center among other businesses’ servers.

Bottom Line: Hosting Your Own Website

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What is Web Hosting?

Using customer or ‘as seen on’ logos can help demonstrate how well established your business is. Creative agency, Bonny, built its website on WIX to help potential visitors get to grips with what it stands for and how exactly it can help. If your business creates something that is visually pleasing, using images and videos to demonstrate this is absolutely essential to creating a high-performing website. Slick animations on the header image immediately draw you into the journey, which goes on to use high-impact graphics to illustrate how the business works. Allowing visitors to search jobs right from the homepage makes it easy for them to find what they are looking for. Attending local business expos and conventions to network and promote offerings.

Some want to host personal websites, a few want to run high-traffic websites, and some want superfast hosting. This means that your website will almost always be online and accessible to your visitors. Even if there is a power outage or some other unforeseen event, your website will still be up and running. Finally, VPS hosting is also very affordable, which makes it an attractive option for businesses and individuals who are on a budget. We hope this article helped you learn how to host your website. You may also want to see our guide on how to get a free business email address and a free business phone number for your website. For more recommendations, see our complete list of the best hosting companies with their pros and cons.